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Welcome to Agriculture pension ‘Arhodico’ Genuine traditional family hospitality offered by its owners all year round in the most beautiful manor of Kampos.

How to reach the island

About Arhodico

Right in the heart of Kampos you will find an ideal residence for your holidays called ‘Arhodico’. It is a luxurious agrotouristic pension which was first run in 1993 It is a two –storey building with comfortable rooms.It is generally characterized by its spacious grounds as well as its wonderful architecture. On the first floor there is a big dining room for your breakfast or you can also sit in the yard if you like. 'Archodico' was built in 1890 by the ancestors of the recent owners. There was a Genovese tower in its place which was destroyed by the great earthquake in 1881 and "Archodico" was in turn built there.It was uninhabited for almost a century until being fully renovated has been used as a pension preserving however, its old architectural style. The rooms of the pension have very high ceilings, they are spacious and full of fresh air. Its big windows overlook the yard and the orchards.

The rooms have private bathrooms, central heating, fridge and mini bar.On the top floor there are big and comfortable balconies.The two storeys are connected with an exterior staircase.
While having breakfast you will enjoy the ideal homemade sweets of Mrs Kiki as well as the grapes the melon, watermelon and other fresh fruits from the farm as well as the natural juice but more importantly the wonderful relaxing atmosphere of the big yard which is at its best in May combined with the amazing smell of the jasmine.
If you prefer to sit indoors you’d rather sit at the dining room which is decorated with old antique furniture of the family.

Not only the stone and the wood but also the traditional decorating little pieces play a starring role in "Arhodico" pension. The pension is surrounded by big orchards filled with 2200 lemon, orange, tangerine, other fruit trees, olive trees and vineyards with different varieties of grapes. All these things make up a wonderful scenery which you can enjoy while strolling along the little paths under the refreshing shade of the trees having the chance to watch or even participate in the production process of the fruits. The farm is actually a fantastic sample of the traditional orchards of Kampos with the characteristic well, the so called ‘magano’ which is a kind of spring that provides the farm with cold running water all year round. The farm is maintained and cultivated by the owners with great care and zeal.

Local delicasies

Taste the homemade so called ‘teaspoonful sweet’ baked by Mrs Kiki. It is of tangerine, orange, grape or fruit tree blossom. While walking leisurely along the narrow paths of the orchards you have the chance to see nature unfolding its every crease. Time drags slowly here and nature unveils to the visitor a different but equally attractive scene each time. The greatest luxury is the one which is relished every minute you spend in this very special pension sharing simple but humane moments of life with the locals. Arhodico is a traditional building,characteristic of the area,its interior design is subdued and refined. Emphasis is placed on other things in this unique spot of the globe. You can spot it among the rustling or the trees, the singing of the birds or the ripple of the sea. Fill your mind with these wonderful pictures and enjoy the company of the local people, who very easily make you feel you belong there and astound you at their hospitality.
‘Arhodico’ pension caters for everything offering you a ‘sweet’ stay sweeter than the tasty homemade 'teaspoonful sweet' (especially that made of grapes). Offer yourself the luxury of experiencing that stay in 'Archodico' pension. And on your return to your hometown make your friends aware of that wonderful dreamland so called 'Archodico'. Have all your perceptions awakened while being there.